Sunday, June 24, 2012

EURO 2012

Hi guys, i'm back again after sometimes...hehehe...lack of ideas actually but then suddenly i realized...why i didnt write about Euro 2012 when it started few weeks ago?? right...why shouldnt i? ok my mistake, i know...oh my, why must i forget about my favourite team? forget them? forget about Casillas, Alonso, Iniesta, Fabregas and Torres of guys...hehehe...promise...i will not going to forget about my favourite team (so far la) again...

in rememberance (he's not dead yet la hehehe) all time favourite (beside Steven Gerrard)...Raul Gonzales Blanco, Spanish veteran player...he was the former captain of Spanish international football team and Real Madrid too...Raul, i will never forget about how great you were those days. you are Zinedine Zidane Spanish version to me, you know that? hehehe...Steven Gerrard, dont be sad...i still love you...hahaha...

Steven Gerrard when he was 7...cute!!

So, what is so great about this UEFA EURO 2012? Well, the first 12 days and 24 games of this 2012 version have brought glorious goals, memorable matches and fantastic fightbacks as the field was halved from 16 to 8 and now to 4. By the time i'm writing this, Spain was already in semi final, along with Portugal, Germany and Italy. Yay!! One more step for Spain to be in the final match...hehehe...there is Germany Vs Spain part II?? confident huh Dilla?? Yes, have confident for them. but are they going to win? i have no idea because Spain is not as good as previous batch...the 2008 version. i don't know why. lets see whether my prediction is right. Final Germany Vs Spain (0-1)

Viva Espana!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KSAJ Closing Ceremony 2012

Finally, after a month and a half the inter-department's sports activities officially closed for the year...

Which team won? Definitely not us the great Utusan Media Sales was Utusan Printcorp. Well, i predicted it correctly...told you guys...i'm always right. But i didnt expect we were number 4...what??!! 4th place?? Cant believe it..what went wrong?? ssshhh....only Allah knows why...only God knows...

But still...i want to talk about it about the team spirit? people always said...there is no "I" in the word "TEAM"...what's that mean?

Team spirit is about supporting your team ,respecting others and most of all encourage your team mates. Do we have them? Yes? No? Wasn't the Team Bonding Course that we attended last year given you guys something? hehehe...i said was fun and we did enjoy every moment, right??...hahaha...

remember this??

Hey...back to the main topic la...hahaha...

(T) stands for (Trying your best)
(E) stands for (Encourage others)
(A) stands for (Achievement)
(M) stands for (Must always show team spirit)
(S) stands for (Supporting others)
(P) stands for (participating)
(I) stands for (Impossible - it's impossible to win if you have no team spirit)
(R) stands for (Respect)
(I) stands for (Important - it's important to show team spirit or it's important to have a go)
(T) stands for (Together - we work together)

Got that?? Did we have all these? or just part of them? or just one? or none of them? did we give enough? or we gave everything but been sabotaged by the saboteur(s)? we never know....

So guys, should we try next round? in two years there still team UMES?? Ask it to yourself...Go Champs Go!! Insyaallah....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aku Sehelai Selendang

On Saturday morning i received a letter from my niece, Izzah Khairina...wondered what was essay!! So guys, enjoy reading it then tell me how is it ya...hahaha

Aku sehelai selendang. Aku bernama Polkadot Biru Ungu. Aku berwarna biru dan ungu, dicorak dengan bunga biru tua. Aku bersaiz panjang sedikit. Aku dilahirkan di sebuah kilang di Malaysia.

Selepas siap dijahit, aku pun dihantar ke sebuah kedai. Aku menaiki kereta Toyota Camry untuk ke sana. Aku sangat gembira kerana aku telah sampai ke sebuah kedai pakaian wanita.

Kemudian, setelah aku berada di kedai tersebut, seorang pekerja mengambil aku, lalu mempamerkanku di bahagian tepi dinding di atas. Aku sangat gembira kerana ramai kawan yang menyambut kehadiranku.

Pada keesokan harinya, Izzah dan ibunya pergi ke kedai itu. Izzah berminat dengan warna di badanku lalu Izzah pun membeliku dengan harga RM10.50, lalu membawaku pulang.

Pada musim cuti, apabila ke mana-mana, tuan aku memakaiku. Bukan sahaja waktu cuti, malah tuan aku juga memakaiku waktu hari keluarga dan hari raya. Aku berasa gembira kerana mempunyai tuan seperti Izzah.

Setelah dua tahun berlalu, Izzah masih menggunakanku. Maklumlah dia kecil orangnya. Dia masih menjagaku dengan baik. Aku juga berpeluang untuk berkenalan dengan benda-benda kepunyaannya.

Selamat membaca!!

So guys, how was it? a 9 years old kid's essay...very impressive huh?? hope i will receive more like this...will encourage them to write or to's like some kind of exercises for them, isnt it? so Izzah Khairina or i used to call her Baby...dont give up ya...go Baby go!!