Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiramisu Cocktail

As per requested by you guys, here i presented my very own tiramisu cocktail recipe...not my own recipe la...hehehe...i add few ingredients and using the sponge cake instead of ladyfinger biscuits...hehehe..

The ingredients:
a) 1 Sponge Cake (i prefer pandan flavour)
b) 5 eggs (separate eggs white and egg yolks)
c) 500g Mascarpone Cheese
d) 1 tin Fruits Cocktail in heavy syrup
e) 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
f) 3 tablespoons Sugar (to taste)
g) Blueberry Jam (or any flavour)
h) Flavoured Yogurt (as you like coz this is an extra ingredient)
i) Whipping Cream (extra ingredient)
j) A pinch of Salt
k) Selected Fresh Fruits (grape, strawberry etc)

Beat egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl until its appear pale and thick. Add vanilla essence, mascarpone cheese, yogurt and mix gently until very stiff.

In another bowl, beat eggs white and a pinch of salt until soft peaks form (sampai ringan), then gently fold them into the mascarpone mixture.

In a serving dish, arrange the sponge cake side by side then spread fruit jams on each of them then double it with another sponge cake. When done, pour some syrup on them and add fruit cocktail all over then cover with the mascarpone mixture. You can form more layers. Nampak lazizah kn?? eeeiii...tak sabar kakak nak makan...hehehe

Lastly, top with a layer of whipping cream then cover it with fruits cocktail and selected fresh fruits. Dust it with icing sugar (kalau ada la..). Refrigerate for atleast 4 hours before serving. Bon apetite!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear You,


You can count on me...anytime

everytime i think of you my body shakes
everytime i see you my knees grow weak and
everytime i'm with you i dont want the time to end
everytime i look into your eyes, i wish i was there
everytime i see you smile my heart melts and
every night before i go to sleep i pray we dont end.

you're the sun that lights up my sky, the wind that keeps me cool
and sweet incense that keeps me on a natural high
without you with me each day my day isn't complete.

since day one i've always wanted to be with you
no matter whats going on in my life,
you are the reason there's a smile on my face

Us?? We dont know yet...but who knows??

But I'm so lucky to have you

Sayang Kamu

p/s: macam nila gayanya agaknya kan orang sekarang tulis surat...dulu2 guna pen dengan kertas...siap ada yang letak bedak bagi wangi...hehehe...tapi la ni sejak teknologi mengganas...inila ropenyer ye...hehehe..

Sambal Bilis Gesek

The ingredients:
1) Anchovies (depends...ikut suko dek kaula nk byk mana...hehehe)
2) Bird's Eye Chilies (cili padi la tu..)
3) Shallots
4) Garlic
(use mortar and pestle to grind the ingredient...that is much more better than using the electric mum told me that...well, she's a great, dont question anything..hehehe..)
5) lime juice - to your taste (or you can use tamarind paste but mix it with water)
6) salt and sugar

this is how it will looks like after its been grinded with mortar and pestle...then fry all these in a pan with cooking oil than add the lime juice, salt n sugar...taste it

taa...daa..!! here it is your delicious Hot & Spicy Anchovies...dengan kata lain...Sambal Bilis Gesek/Sambal Bilis Tumbuk.
Mak den cakap, ada orang suka goreng dulu bilis tu then baru tumbuk...ada plak yg suka letak petai and tempoyak...ikut suko dek ekaula jang...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ikan Goreng Asam @ Sour Fried Fish

Had another recipe to try out...again it is Fusyarina's recipe, my colleague. she gave me this recipe about 10 times...hahaha...lost it 9 times before. i love this dish...easy to cook and very simple (bila ada bahan kt dapur tu memangla senang semuanya...hehehe). so, i've tried this today...

The Ingredients:
a) 8 Fish (any kind or better selar@tenggiri@kembung)
b) 7 shallots
c) 4 garlics
d) 3 inches ginger
e) 10 bird's eye chilies (thai pepper @ cili padi la...)
f) 1 onion
(slice the ingredients from b to f)
g) 1 tablespoon mixed fenugreek seeds (halba campur)
h) 15 fresh curry leaves
i) 1 tablespoon tamarind paste (or as you like)
j) 1 teaspoon tumeric powder
k) salt & sugar (to taste)
l) 1 cup of water
m) cooking oil (for fry the fish and the sliced ingredients)

Fry the fishs til cooked then put aside.
Later in another pan, fry the sliced ingredients, fresh curry leaves and the fenugreek seeds. Soon after its getting yellowish and smell good, add tumeric powder, tamarind paste and water. mix together. then add salt and sugar to your taste. when its boiled and bubbly...add the fried fish. blend them together.

taa daa..!! your Sour Fried Fish is ready to serve...selamat menjamu selera!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Malabari Chicken Curry

I got this recipe from my colleague (Fusyarina) last month...just tried to cook this dish for the very first time today for our dinner...kind of tasty...yummy..never taste it before (hehehe...i just up myself...ssshhh...). My mum said we actually call this kind of curry is Mamak, i think that it is...curry without coconut milk...kind of healthy. you guys should try this one...easy and simple.

The Ingredient:
1 whole chicken (cut into serving sizes)
8 shallots - bawang merah la...(or u can have 2 large onions)
4 cloves of garlic
1 inch of ginger
(blend and devide into two part- half for fry and the other half for marinate with the chicken)
6 tablespoons of curry powder (add more if u want extra spicy)
4 tablespoons sweet soy sauce (kicap manis)
2 cinnamon stick (or 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder)
5 cloves (bunga cengkih)
2 star anise - bunga lawang
1 screwpine leaf (daun pandan ok...)
2 lemongrass (dititik)
1 tamarind peel (asam kepingla dik non)
3 tablespoons cooking oil
Salt & Sugar
(to taste)

1 tomato (cut into 4 pieces)
2 green chilies
1 onion (slice)

Marinate the chicken with half of blended ingredients, curry powder and sweet soy sauce for 30 mins or 1 hour. Then fry the other half of blended ingredients with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise and screwpine leaf until yellowish and the know how its gonna smell, right?? hhhmmm...

Then add the marinated chicken, lemongrass and tamarind peel. Add 1 cup of water and stir to coat chicken well with the paste and gradually bring to boil. Reduce heat n simmer covered 10-15 mins and stir occasionally until it becomes thicken and the chicken is tender.

While simmering, add salt and sugar, taste la...after that add the accessories.

taa daaa...this is your Malabari Chicken Curry....try la...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Are The Champion....Again!!!

Sunday 15/04/2012 was the event...played at Malaya University Sports Centre Kuala Lumpur.

Alhamdulillah....Yeeeehaaa!!!! We are the champion...we are the champion...again!!! should sing this song..or we could sing this song together la...but this time its slightly different than the original one....enjoy!!

how about it?? hehehe...funny huh?? actually i would like to dedicate this song to the more than 5 years unbeatable teams...the UMES Netball Team and Volleyball Team!! CONGRATULATION guys!! Great job. well, i know i under estimated our team this year...thought when i wasnt confident about myself winning the game...nobody could...well, i was wrong. guys, you were my strength all the way til the final whistle. THANK YOU Fadzilah (been playing netball together with her since 10 years ago), Eja, Zia, Alin, Anis, Ina, Alia, Azreen & guys are the geatest la!! and to our supporters and fans...thank you very much..we love one could be better than you guys...very supportive and defensive, have your back for us, helping us when we had injuries, be our helper, be our cheerleaders, shooed the anti-our netball team..hehehe..(happened every years).

Posing time!! hehehe...before the semi-final...

We won! We won! picture taken with the referees...who do you think will the referees choose for the best player?? nobody knows...just wait and see...but who cares...we are still the best...arent we? we won against the Editorial Team....6-5


Before the tournament...say cheese!!

Last but not least, our great volleyball team...won against the Production Team...15-9

this year will going to be my last game....but am i really going to do that?? hehehe...we'll see that next year ya...ok guys, will post new pictures if i have a new one...guess many will coming up later...muah!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Need A Break

Hello guys,

It's been a while...a week i guess...since the last time i posted something in sick since monday and having some kind of stress lately..trying to understand others...trying to fulfill everything...urgh!! i think i need a break for a while where? hhmmm...i still remember my last vacation...had so much fun...really...can i still get that?

my all time favourite Disney's characters...mickey and minnie mouse!! but why were they wearing that kind of outfit? It was Holloween Day during the visit...scary huh?? well, maybe not to you all knew..already knew how scare i can be when it comes to scary thing, right?? jeng..jeng..jeng...hahaha..ooppss!! Hong Kong's Disneyland

Goofy and Pluto...i love Pluto...could hug him hours...he's so funny and cute, isnt he? hehehe... and Dale...rescue ranger...hehehe...remember that song?? i will sing to this song if see these two chipmunks...arent they cute and adorable??

hope i could be genius like this guy...Albert Einstein...hope my kids too. he's too kind coz having his ears to hear my problems...can you guys see his face? hahaha...
Madamme Tussauds

Hello PARIS!!! hahaha...

this miniature is too cute...isnt it? i feel like to hug of miniature at Window of The World Theme Park in China

Candi Borobudur, Jogjakarta Indonesia...close to Merapi Mount

owh my...i thought i saved all my vacations' pictures...but where the hell are they?? guys, if you have our pictures on vacation together , please...please...may i copy them? i believe i lost them...lost the external hard drive once...thought i've burnt them into cd but i cant find them anywhere...huhuhu....

so, hope i could go for another holiday this year...insyaallah...amin..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here It Comes Again!!

Sukan Dwi-Tahunan BKUM 2012

Can we be the champion again this year?? i dont see any way we could be the champs this year...sorry guys, already veteran la...dont expect we won the netball, volleyball, badminton and all other games anymore this year...but we will try our level best to keep the title...

There are certain games we won them for more than 10 years straight from the beginning...WOW!! But unfortunately there are certain games that we won every years have been dropped out by them (the committees of the host) such as badminton, they dropped the mixed double (all the time my position...huhuhu..), open volleyball (mix player with woman + man...which is all the time my position....again more woman player in volleyball), and futsal...women's category (we won these games from the very beginning) and no more staff's spouse can be a player in netball (kak Rosmah, abg Rosli's wife...our Goal Shooter) games this year...can't you guys see...they dont want us to win the title again this unfair!! But, it's ok...if this year we still win the gold medal for those games, meaning that we are truly champion!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....Go Champ Go!!

To football...which is...well, eventhou we didnt win it every year but for years we stepped in to the final matches, men's futsal, table tennis, tennis and indoor the participants, GOOD LUCK....hope you guys win this year...eventhou we have some issues but i believe you guys can do it..Go Champ Go!!

This year is going to be my last....going to hang up my boots...i dont want to play anymore....too exhausted...let the fresh one plays next years ya...hhmmm...i should buy a display cabinet...just to display all my medals and cups about it hehehe....good idea huh?? This is one of sweetest memories that i will never forget...we enjoyed every games...had so much fun...we were so bonding like brothers and sisters (they were always get jealous of us being this way, right?? and still...). i will never forget you guys!! Sayang Kamu!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The End

Former Committee Members
Yesterday was the last day of me being the Secretary of the Utusan Media Sales Sports & Recreations Club. So much things to do before the 8th Annual Grand Meeting of the club. Everybody was so busy. Kind of sad actually, leaving the was great being one of the committees...happy working together with the rest of the committee members. but its ok...we are still colleague in Utusan Media Sales Sdn Bhd. Can still see and meet you guys whenever we want to...right??

I would like to thanks to all the former committee members especially Izyani, Izham and Shahreza who always there for me...were helping me through out the day and the days before.
My thanks also go to Aznor who tried his best to get the best price deal from our clients for the gifts.
Kak Yati Daud as my Vise Secretary who always gave good advices regarding secretarial jobs based on her experiences. Thank you so gave me some experiences too...
Many thanks also go to Mr President En Sulaiman and Vise President En Din who gave me good advices thru out the years we worked together in the club.
Samjohan the Treasurer of the club, it was always great working together with you, so easy and simple. Same goes to En Rashid, the Vise Treasurer, the one who always easy to work with.
Kak Sheila and Abg Dodee, always the firm one when comes to members charity. Its a good things to do. guys!!
Abg Ajai, it was nice working together with you...going to miss your sarcastic jokes during the meetings...hehehe..joking bro!
Our Sara, all time emcee...the lovely one...stay the way you are ya Sara....
Last but not least, to those who helped me thank you so much especially kak Zura, always trying to volunteer herself, wrapping the gifts, cutting the paper and other things la...muah! love you lah...hehehe...

Yesterday also was the election day for all the club's members to elect and vote new committee members. Who won?? Congratulation Aznor!! Our new Mr President, Abg Azman Arus the Vise President, Alia the Secretary, kak Aishatun the Vise Secretary, Abg Saiful the Treasurer and En Saadi will help him out, Zairul, where most of the votes headed him as the committee member (syabas bro!!), Nizam Kosmo, Rahmat, Eja, Syahril, Fadzilah, and Fusya. Work well guys!! I know you can do it!! Go Champ Go!!

It was great working together with you guys...see you guys in our next trips...(ada ker der??) hehehe...GOOD LUCK to the new comers...fresh meats..hehehe...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Closest Friends

School time BFFs

Tetiba terasa rindu dengan kawan2, here i want to tell and introduce to you guys all of my closest friends...but i don't need to be specific who is the most BFF amongst my BFFs coz i don't know...i can't name anyone...coz i love them all...they were always be there for me all this while...we cried, we laughed, we hanged around here and there at our favourite's places, we sang along together at the 'karaoke' centre eventhou we don't have the 'voice'...hehehe..., we already accepted each other's weaknesses years no harm no talking at the back...hehehe...we are trying to understand how we feel about things and respect each other's opinions about certain things...well, we've been together since we were 13 years old..that was 24 years ago...owh wow!! long enough to know them well huh?? we are growing up together each day...hehehe....and most of all...we respect each other...that's the key of the bonds of our friendship and the affectionate towards each other...and i believed in it...yes...i believe in them...they have never backstabbed far la..hehehe...

Guys...I love you all.

Lina & Shahnaz and their kids (Sufiya, Sayf & Sinan). Both, Lina & Shahnaz were my classmate at SMAS Kajang, Selangor...what a love??!! Because of them both, i believe that we (those gals & guys) are still close...i thanked them. Lina has her own bakery...she's always the feminine one...know how to bake, know how to look pretty...hehehe...Shahnaz is always the rocker one but dalam hati selalu ada taman to go to rock concert...selalu jumpa my hubby kt concert...hehehe...

Ayu & Theirry Emran with their kids (Dara Isabelle & Iris Sophie). Ayu always the cheerful one...miss her a lot...always have our chance to meet her once or twice a year...huhuhu...coz she's in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ayu, please come home for good...don't go to France la...Aku rindu sama kauk...hahaha...she was a nurse before....but raising your own precious kids is always a great thing to do...Ayu, go for it my dear!!!

Ni Aman & Jepp with their daughters....she love to laugh...really...she laughs a lot...but we love her the way she is....she is pretty good in baking...especially carrot cake..should ask about her secret recipe la....Aman, ko jangan kedekut ok...hahaha...

Fahmi & Fazlina with their daughters....Fahmi is like my personal lawyer (of course la coz he is a lawyer)...always be our reference when comes to law things....i'm pretty close to his family...his parents (ayah moin and mak), his siblings...miss your parents so much la...they treat me like their own daughter...their own them so much. Angah, dont be jealous ok...hehehe..joking bro!

Meha & Salman with their kids...still in Nottingham England, continuing her study in Nottingham University for 1 year...Meha...i don't think i could be there at your place before knew England always be my favourite, i think you should have stay there a little bit longer la....well, she's a lawyer too actually..always dealt with juvenile cases...been to her workplace twice and her colleague thought i was her case...coz i'm too cute....hahaha...joking...hey hello...i'm old enough to vote ok...hehehe...

This is Intan and her kids, her husband is not in the picture...taking the photo of course...hehehe...she's a lecturer at UiTM. she was in marketing field before at Intekma Hotel & Resorts. Selalu makan free bila jengok dia at her workplace...hehehe...hampeh nyer kawan..

Yusrina & her family....she's kind of a perfectionist....but we just love her being her way...she completes us. She's in corporate communication field...pretty good at it and a lil bit firm about certain things...yeah...she is being fake.

Kauj, Iskandar & Shierazy...they are the way they are...pretty cool to hang around together with them...they can drive for 50km from their places to hang around with us...then drive back home for another 50km in one nite....can you believe it?? pretty cool huh?? guys, always love your sarcastic jokes...hahaha...

When can we organize our 2nd reunion? can't wait to organize it with you guys....we are going to be so damn crazy like the previous one...hehehe...