Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cahaya Ummi Kindergarten Sports Day 2012

Yesterday Cahaya Ummi Kindergarten had successfully managed their sports day. I can't be earlier at the event because i had to attend a baking class at 10am. The event started at 8am, so, this year one of the marking judges was not Dilla...i've been replaced by niece..and she did it's not that easy to be a marking judges ok but fifi...good job!!

Here are some of the pictures of the event...but wondering whose event actually?? hahaha...

Go Rauhah Go!! no wonder Rauhah (5 years old) won this game...that's her father...hehehe...

Izzat Hariz (6 years old)...focus my dear...come on my baby!! i know you can do it...and he won!! not just this game...the other 5 games!! Congratulation Hariz...

The teachers, the judges, the helpers and the bug (the red jersey shirt...who's that? that's me la...Dilla) hehehe....

With the nieces..aren't they pretty?? Yes!!

Here come the aliens...hahaha...what a weird!!

Women's football team?? nooooo....!!

We call this game is Tarik Upih or Pull the Frond...interesting guys should try this...but make sure the person you pull is not like us...find the thinner one and it's going to be easy to pull...hehehe

Almost fainted but i can still smile!! i can't believe was so damn hot...i need fan...aircond...fuhh!! now you guys know why i was almost fainted, right?? jumping, laughing, screaming like hell...hahaha

So guys, TCU will see you guys again next year ya! Adios amigos!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Baking Class 1

I attended a baking class today...for the very first was so fun...well, i'm not the cook type person so this class really helped me how to make my favourite chocolate based guys cant lie lie to me because i already knew how to bake chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies and chocolate lava...the one that we always had at The Secret Recipe yay..yay!! so guys, enjoy the! the sweet smell wafting through the air...coz i brought home my end products...hehehe...yummy!!

with the teacher...Chef Nicholas Pillay...the class was taken place at Petaling Jaya, 2 minutes walk from my work place...hehehe

my classmates...some from keramat, cheras, and shah alam...there was a guy in our class!! hehehe...he seemed to knows what he was doing...what an interesting guy...and he is 100% straight ok...not the lemau-lemau one..hahaha...and a 13 years old girl joined the class too...but the lil one was just accompanying her cousin..hehehe

steps to make the chocolate lava..i'll show you guys how we do it in my next posts ok...hehehe..

where should i find this kind of small and cute bowls?? hhmm...i'll ask my mum later...

it took 10 to 12 minutes to bake this...serve while it will looks like below...

can you guys see the melting tempting...its so mouth watery right?? hehehe

my very own cookies!!! hehehe...

let it cooling...

and my very own chocolate brownies!! mum, i know how to do this now...hehehe...

i've learned something today...the brownies that they had at the bakery is not really a is a cake actually...brownies should be more moist and a bit wet like this one...and it tasted so of chocolates...yummy!!

So guys, thats all for my baking class part 1...i'm planning to learn how to make pasta dishes in the next class with Chef Nicholas...hope i could make it...want to join me?? come...come...hehehe

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talented Part 1

TV Al-Hijrah Adzan Competition for kids. The venue was at Saidina Hamzah Mosque, Kg Batu, Kuala Lumpur...few kilometres from my house.

So guys, I'm proudly present my talented nephews Ahmad Lutfan and Thaqif who already won this competition last Feb 2012. Ahmad Luftan won the title and Thaqif won second. I dont have to tell you guys, just listen to the winner.

Ahmad Lutfan, 12 years old.

Dear nephews, please be a great kid and a good son to you parents ya...always make them proud of you. They made many sacrifices so you could be this good in future life, so, make them happy and always pray for their good health. May Allah bless us.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Champion Again EURO 2012

Again??!! hehehehe...nothing much i could say is proven that Spain, Sepanyol, Espana, Espanol, La Roja or whatever you guys call the team by name...was so damn great!! 4 - 0...what??!! four Spain and nil Italy?? hehehe...guess they played with a schoolteam player la...hahaha..Well, by winning the title this year, that making them the first team to win two Euro titles in a row with a World Cup in between...gosh..what a great team! this...
"Spain have truly conquered the football world with one of the most magical collection of players ever winning an unprecedented three trophies in a row - Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012. And they mean to stay the masters of the game for a very long time. Are they the greatest ever?" -TheStar said - but Dilla said "...of course la!!" hehehe....

Well, they were superb!! The Captain, Iker Casillas performed very well, muah! The others short passes were superb. The tacticals, technicals and the formation were superb! Some might said I'm over reacting or becoming too obsessed about this team, well, i dont care. They are creative and brilliant players, not to mention their genius team coach Vicente del Bosque...OMG! Each of them have potential to score goal(s), even the defenders scored..hehe (David Silva-14, Jordi Alba-41, Fernando Torres-84 and Juan Mata-88)...they have been trained like that...They are just the best team in the world la.

I've learned something about their winning game. They always play as a team...not as induvidual like Portugal which relied on CR7 only...guys, team spirit could never failed us...and do you know why they were really wanted to win this Euro 2012?? It was for all the was like a morale boosting for them since they are having a hard time right now due to the economic crisis. Put their smiles back la...making them happy for a moment and forget about their bad times. That was genius!

Well, this team click beautifully in this UEFA Euro 2012 final, could they make it once again at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil? We'll see as long as they play this tiki taka style...maybe, who knows, right? So, GOOD LUCK La Furia Roja! love you guys.

So, as tradition, lets give them a respect...all rise!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Batik Cake

Spending time with mother is always great. Agreed huh? Well, i spent time with my mum by making a Batik cake yesterday...(huhuhu...but my hubby said it could be my mum who made this cake and it wasn't me who made it...gosh!! seriously?? bang, you may call mum at anytimela..hehehe). So, I tried the recipe which my colleague wrote it down for me last Friday...Thank you kak Mahhani...i'd tried it!! it so yummy you know!! So guys, enjoy the recipe should try it too...

The Ingredient:-

1 can of sweetened condensed milk (500g)
1 1/2 package biscuits (biskut marie la sedap)
2 cups of water (bole guna tin susu yg dh kosong td...satu tin je)
1 1/2 cup of Milo (bole guna 1 peket Milo 200g)
1 tablespoon coco powder
1 cup Nestum cereal
250g unsalted butter (Buttercup)
4 eggs
A pinch of salt


Crush the biscuits into small pieces (don't crushed them too small).

Then beat butter with eggs with the electric mixer until light and a bit fluffy.

In another bowl, combine together the sweetened condensed milk with water, Milo and Nestum cereal then stir. Pour the mixture in the saucepan (it is easy to use this kind of pan when you want to mix with the biscuits). Cook with low heat because you dont want your mixture burnt. Cook until mixture combined, thicken and custard-like.

Then add the biscuits until just combined and covered with the custard. Then pour it to the 10cm springform pan (but a tray should be fine enough if you couldn't find any cake mould in your house).

Let it cool before you refrigerate for about 3-5 hours but I like to keep it overnight so that the custard sets properly. Eh...sudah siap ke?, what are you waiting for?

Well, it looks ugly but the taste...OMG!! hehehe.. and Blingbling Bear...don't eat my cake ok...i know it is so yummy...hahaha...guys, green bear..Blingbling Bear...hahaha
Bon Appetite!!

Happy 6th Birthday Izzat Hariz


Last 26th June was Izzat Hariz's 6th birthday...time flies...he's 6 years old now.

Hariz - healthy baby boy (2006)

Hariz - (2007)

Hariz - (2008) trying to be independent..hehehe

Hariz - (2010)

Hariz - (2011) my handsome boy!

Hariz - 6 years old (2012)

Happy Birthday Hariz!! my very active, lively and creative nephew. Be a good son to your parents and family and also a good boy to everybody ok...I love you!!