Monday, July 2, 2012

Champion Again EURO 2012

Again??!! hehehehe...nothing much i could say is proven that Spain, Sepanyol, Espana, Espanol, La Roja or whatever you guys call the team by name...was so damn great!! 4 - 0...what??!! four Spain and nil Italy?? hehehe...guess they played with a schoolteam player la...hahaha..Well, by winning the title this year, that making them the first team to win two Euro titles in a row with a World Cup in between...gosh..what a great team! this...
"Spain have truly conquered the football world with one of the most magical collection of players ever winning an unprecedented three trophies in a row - Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012. And they mean to stay the masters of the game for a very long time. Are they the greatest ever?" -TheStar said - but Dilla said "...of course la!!" hehehe....

Well, they were superb!! The Captain, Iker Casillas performed very well, muah! The others short passes were superb. The tacticals, technicals and the formation were superb! Some might said I'm over reacting or becoming too obsessed about this team, well, i dont care. They are creative and brilliant players, not to mention their genius team coach Vicente del Bosque...OMG! Each of them have potential to score goal(s), even the defenders scored..hehe (David Silva-14, Jordi Alba-41, Fernando Torres-84 and Juan Mata-88)...they have been trained like that...They are just the best team in the world la.

I've learned something about their winning game. They always play as a team...not as induvidual like Portugal which relied on CR7 only...guys, team spirit could never failed us...and do you know why they were really wanted to win this Euro 2012?? It was for all the was like a morale boosting for them since they are having a hard time right now due to the economic crisis. Put their smiles back la...making them happy for a moment and forget about their bad times. That was genius!

Well, this team click beautifully in this UEFA Euro 2012 final, could they make it once again at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil? We'll see as long as they play this tiki taka style...maybe, who knows, right? So, GOOD LUCK La Furia Roja! love you guys.

So, as tradition, lets give them a respect...all rise!!

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