Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Baking Class 1

I attended a baking class today...for the very first was so fun...well, i'm not the cook type person so this class really helped me how to make my favourite chocolate based guys cant lie lie to me because i already knew how to bake chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies and chocolate lava...the one that we always had at The Secret Recipe yay..yay!! so guys, enjoy the! the sweet smell wafting through the air...coz i brought home my end products...hehehe...yummy!!

with the teacher...Chef Nicholas Pillay...the class was taken place at Petaling Jaya, 2 minutes walk from my work place...hehehe

my classmates...some from keramat, cheras, and shah alam...there was a guy in our class!! hehehe...he seemed to knows what he was doing...what an interesting guy...and he is 100% straight ok...not the lemau-lemau one..hahaha...and a 13 years old girl joined the class too...but the lil one was just accompanying her cousin..hehehe

steps to make the chocolate lava..i'll show you guys how we do it in my next posts ok...hehehe..

where should i find this kind of small and cute bowls?? hhmm...i'll ask my mum later...

it took 10 to 12 minutes to bake this...serve while it will looks like below...

can you guys see the melting tempting...its so mouth watery right?? hehehe

my very own cookies!!! hehehe...

let it cooling...

and my very own chocolate brownies!! mum, i know how to do this now...hehehe...

i've learned something today...the brownies that they had at the bakery is not really a is a cake actually...brownies should be more moist and a bit wet like this one...and it tasted so of chocolates...yummy!!

So guys, thats all for my baking class part 1...i'm planning to learn how to make pasta dishes in the next class with Chef Nicholas...hope i could make it...want to join me?? come...come...hehehe


  1. Kak, Ive just found this blog! Ive cried (in a bathroom of course).. because I am proud of you!!
    You still have a long journey to go.. enjoy your life while you can. Weather its hard or pray and my support will always be with you. I love you so very much! and will always be...

  2. Thank you so much my dear...I know you won't let me be alone striving for a better you too